Thursday, January 26, 2006

Republic Day ads!

All part of my all ads, all the time coverage today.

Republic Day, the anniversary of the creation of the Indian constitution, is an excellent opportunity for various government officials to make grand pronouncements of all the great things they've done and/or will do. Lots of orange, white, and green (the colors of the Indian flag) and lots of politicians' mugshots.

Also, lots of hilarious grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I've protected most of the guilty, but for some reason found the Uttaranchal government's insistence that it is "A saga of Unparallel Achievement" too goofy to pass up. Ah, the hallmarks of a Great Indian Advertisement: an improperly conjugated word, as well as some nutly capitalization.

The Department of Prohibition also made an admirable showing, with its strong anti-alcohol and -drugs stance. Three extra points for including a picture of a hypodermic needle. The impeccably aligned jawans would never shoot heroin; do you think you're better than the jawans?

And finally, the award for Best Use of Photoshop goes to the person that superimposed happy running children over a wispy cloud. Quite realistic.

Happy Republic Day!

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Intruder said...

i followed you from flickr. :)
jus curious abt the lot of pics from u in kerala. ;)