Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All white people, all the time!

This is really starting to drive me insane.

There was a small blast at Jama Masjid in Delhi last week, and as such, there have been countless follow-up stories in all the national newspapers, trying to determine who was behind the explosive, how business has been affected, etc.

And though some of the stories have been interesting, they are INEVITABLY accompanied by pictures of white people standing in front of the mosque (I've seen at least three; the one that sparked my ire today was in Hindustan Times).

Now, I get it. Jama Masjid is in Lonely Planet, The Rough Guide. White people go there a lot. And they have money. It's a powerful constituency, but...ya know...

Shah Jahan built it to have a capacity of 25,000 people. At the time of the blast, an estimated 1,000 people were there. Although there are a fair number of tourists, there are also thousands of Muslims who go there every day for namaaz. And the blast probably means far more to them than it does to the honkies....

...or maybe I'm just crazy.

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