Saturday, April 1, 2006

Chug! Chug! Chug!

In other news, the office had a "beer bash" Friday, which was incredibly strange. S and T were both working from home, and A didn't want to go (I know! Turn down free booze? Pagal!), so I ventured alone -- to a cafeteria of about 70 men and maybe a dozen women.

It being casual Friday, one dashing young gent wore a T-shirt that showed someone's pointed finger and a slogan suggesting I pull it, or something to that effect. He was holding a Bacardi Breezer (are those available in the U.S.? It's the equivalent of a Smirnoff Ice), as were most of the men around him. No other women were drinking, and I may have scandalized someone -- or a few someones -- by bravely swigging a Kingfisher beer. Whoa there, Nelly -- we've got a live one.

Out of the whole place, I think I knew maybe ten people, which is a signal that I need to be more friendly/proactive/less of a hermit; however, one of those ten came up to me and started talking about one of my mentors at IT and how close he was to him, and how he had gone to see this IT editor and they had talked about me, which was incredibly creepy, because this is a guy I genially smile at in the hall or elevator if I happen to encounter him, not someone I've shared my hopes and dreams with.

Delhi: 16 million people, but still a small world.

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Anonymous said...

No, Bacardi Breezers are *not* available in the U.S. It's because of our foolish state alcohol laws.

They used to be available here, and they were *wonderful.* But they were made with rum, which is a hard liquor, so in many (most?) states means you couldn't buy them at the convenience store, or even at the beer-and-wine store.

It's why Bartles & Jaymes "wine" coolers are actually malt beverages (made with some beer derivative, not wine), as are those Smirnoff Ice things (no vodka). I sorely miss my Breezers, and I'm so jealous that the rest of the world still has them.