Saturday, April 1, 2006

No foolin'

Ah, another of my favorite holidays, and another depressing absence of holiday-related activity.

Granted, the Hindustan Times printed a few fake stories ("Louise Vuitton" and "Chanelle" accessories on sale, all for Rs 99 apiece! -- sound suspiciously like Sarojini Nagar...). Still, it's just not the same as finding a troll doll's pink hair sticking up through the bath's drain, instilling in me a lifelong fear of clogged tubs. It's nothing like my mom making me a bowl of cereal with green milk, or "breaking up with my boyfriend," or any other fiendish April Fool's deed.


Anonymous said...

It's a little late, but this might help:

Venitha said...

I'm with you - where are the short-sheeted bed, the Mom, the dog threw up!, and the phone call with news of pregnancy and impending divorce? An American friend here in Singapore got me on Friday night just after we were lamenting no April fools. Too funny.