Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A brief survey

Hey folks --

Just wondering who reads this biz-nass. I suppose I have a dedicated following of MASCOM folks and real-life friends from the States/India, but that doesn't explain the more than 6,000 hits this hub has attracted.

Are you an expat in Delhi, looking to make friends (hint: I am bored and occasionally would like to rendezvous with people experiencing similar missteps!)? Thinking about moving to India to ride the outsourcing wave? Interested in seeing an outsider's perspective of your homeland?

Whatever your story, I'd like to hear it! So often I'm babbling away here without any response...the blogosphere is so conducive to isolated, fiendish rants. Want me to link to your blog? Want to meet at Barista (or, better, a nice roadside gol gappa-wala)? Let's play!


hardly94 said...

I am just a retiree in the states who has happened onto your site. You are interesting and write fairly regularly so you are on my "list" of the sites I visit.

Sarah said...

I interviewed you briefly for a newspaper article at Northwestern, and bookmarked your old livejournal site and then followed it here. I read it regularly because of all the blogs I've read from fellow college kids, yours probably has the best writing. I like your style, your observations. And I like how often I indentify with your feelings, despite obvious differences in location, beliefs, etc.


mandi said...

i just heart you and as such i intend to follow your rants wherever they go.


Anonymous said...

"Interested in seeing an outsider's perspective of your homeland?"

That best explains me.

I did post a message a looooong time ago. I do not know if you remember me.


Henish said...

You know my story! I'd be happy to link your blog, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Also followed your LJ here. Your life's more interesting than mine.

You can get more information on who's reading your blog if you put a Sitemeter tag on it. The free version tells you the city and country of the computer accessing your site, as well as the time of day and almost all of the person's IP address, which tells a lot about where they're accessing from.

Venitha said...

Oh, man, if only I could take you up on those roadside gol gappas! I'm an American expat in Singapore and like reading blogs of other expats in Asia. I just travelled to Delhi and Rajashthan in February, and thought India must be MUCH harder than Singapore.

Never Just An Ordinary Girl said...

Oh man, it's so great to meet you all! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

If you used the Sitemeter thing, you might find that a good portion of those visits are bots. In LJ, at least, there are lots of bots trolling the latest posts, mainly for pix, for sites like this. I imagine similar bots are plying Blogger.

clangandrubble said...

Hi I am an American living in Bangalore and we seem to have a lot in common so I occasionally dip into your site. I'd love to get in touch via email, sadly can't do the barrista thing, you can email me at

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