Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Special delivery!

Things I love about India #452:

DHL, the delivery company, is pushing a special package for Indian customers.

And it's called "Say it with mangoes."

From the Hindustan Times' front-page advertisement...

"DHL Mango Express - The sweet new gifting option!

Ship Alphonso mangoes to your business associates and loved ones abroad, with DHL Mango Express. The mangoes are FREE! Plus, you get up to 25% reduction on our regular air express rates. We also ensure that only the best Alphonso mangoes are hand picked and delivered within 6 working days from date of order."

Unfortch, there is no service to the U.S. (or Japan/Australia), and, double shitballs, it appears that although the mangoes are "free," the shipping costs Rs 3,250 (about $70) for a dozen of the sweet fruits.

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