Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Break me off a piece of that

'Hanuman Rota' (The Hindu, April 12, 2006, page 3, Delhi edition)

New Delhi: A massive 300 kg chappati was on Tuesday unveiled at a function organized by a Rajasthan-based organization.

Made from 125 kg flour, the 'Hanuman Rota' was the major attraction at the 23rd Hanuman Jayanti Mahotsava.

The problem with Indian journalism today? Gems like this are contained to two sentences, while reams of paper are printed on election results.

Also, would it have killed you to include a picture? That is one big chappati! I want to know dimensions -- how big was it across? Was it nice and round, like a good chappati should be, or did it look like one I would make, uneven, lumpy? How does one make a 660-pound bread? Did people eat it, or will it just become a roadside attraction?

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