Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whirlwind weekend

Notable events of the weekend:

1. Rode on the motorcycle for at least ten hours.

2. Watched DVDs of several Punjabi weddings/related ceremonies with S's mum and learned to identify the various women of his family by sari color.

3. Ate about 12 pounds of paneer.

4. Was accosted by a man in Army fatigues in Shimla who pointed at S and said, "This man is not your husband! I know this man is not your husband!"

5. Took numerous pictures of ye olde tyme signs around the colonial town.

6. Ate in a restaurant in which the only parties that got tablecloths were those that included white people (the waiter brought us a slightly soiled white cloth and majestically unfurled it about five minutes after we sat down)

7. Didn't throw a shit fit when S's Enfield pooped out, forcing us to take a Volvo A/C bus (which, of course, reminded me of that time when the woman vomited on me on a similar bus)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Was Army-fatigue man making a moral point, or was he making a play for your hand?