Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ow, my ears!

Oh, god! Today = hilariously awkward.

As you may or may not know, in India it is not at all uncommon for well-educated, wonderful, thoughtful people to call people from China -- or people who have typical East Asian features -- Chinks.

Which of course makes me, a PC thug, want to die every time I hear it.

Apparently SV and TK have had some trouble scheduling a call with a woman from Shanghai, and all day it's been, "The Chink's responded again!" "What's the Chink have to say this time!"

I have no idea how to diplomatically express my...well, I guess, disgust...at the term, without making it seem like I think they are objectionable people. Wah wah wah....



Cory said...

Many of my in-laws spout off very un-pc comments. I simply tell them, "Please refrain from making such comments it makes me uncomfortable." or "I'm not comfortable w/this conversation." These are my responses w/strangers, acquaintances, co-workers, etc... My comments w/my family and friends is simply, "Are you kidding me, people don't say things like that anymore!"

Venitha said...

I'd say something like, "I'm sorry, can we please not use that word? I'm sure it's fine here, but where I come from it's really offensive, and it just makes me uncomfortable."

Totally non-judgemental, and put all the blame on your weird sensibilities. People I work with in Singapore asked me what the ethnic slurs were for their own races, and I couldn't even bring myself to tell them. They're just not words you're allowed to say aloud!