Saturday, July 1, 2006

Call me a Luddite, but...

No matter how compelling Pizza Corner's ads are, I just don't understand the appeal of "pizza in a cone."

I mean...the sheer physics of it are a bit disgusting. All the cheese at once, then all the crust at the bottom? There's no even distribution of tastes, just a lump of cheese sprinkled with sundry meats and vegetables.

I'm tempted to eat one as a scientific experiment...but I just can't. Ice cream is conducive to the cone -- sugar melting, softening the satisfying crunch just so; greasy "Italian" schmears I cannot do.


Jesse said...

Right on. The ice cream cone was invented to solve a problem - the fact that you can't carry around bare ice cream in your hand. Thus it has enjoyed huge success particularly in hot climates where acute melting is a serious problem.

Thus there are several glaring design flaws with Pizzacone. First, and perhaps most obvious, is that it is easier to eat pizza in the more traditional "slice" configuration than as a cone. Besides, "licking" is half the fun of the ice cream cone, and the only thing you can do with Pizzacone is stick your face in it and take a greasy bite.

With the driving factor behind the Pizzacone concept an attempt to increase pizza portability during consumption, the fact of the matter is that nobody wants to walk around outside in the heat of India smearing a hot pizza on their face. It seems Most consumers, as evidenced by the buzzing mecca-esque Papa John's in Noida, prefer to eat their hot pizza in air-conditioned comfort.

I may be wrong about all of this... but until I see someone actually eating a Pizzacone out on the street, I will hold my ground.

Venitha said...

But think of your responsibility to your readers! And does it contain corn?

Perhaps they've stuck something really good down at the bottom. Like they used to fill the bottom bit of ice cream drumsticks with chocolate.