Sunday, July 2, 2006

So THIS is Web 2.0?

My lazy Sunday morning has been transformed by my rediscovery of MySpace, perhaps the most sprawling, illogical, and yet illustrious gem on the Interwebs. My aim? Find other expats with whom I can occasionally chill.

I know, it's not exactly grabbing the whole experience of India and living every moment of it, but since M&J moved back to the States, I haven't spent any time with anyone who isn't Indian. And while I dearly love S, puny P, R squared, and the people who have become my home away from home, sometimes you just need to have a huge laugh with someone who understands just how ludicrous it is that the Tacomaker and Papa John's are treated as fine dining establishments (even meriting reviews by India's most discerning gastronomes).

I've messaged a few people with my desperate plea to hang out -- a girl living in Bangalore, a guy in Noida, and lord knows how many hippy dippies drifting through Varanasi, Dharamshala, and McLeodganj. But thus far, no responses -- shocking! I guess we're all here trying to find our own way, trying to leave behind bad memories or simply forge new ones with a clean slate.

But, fear not; you're never alone on the nets. My profile has garnered NUMEROUS come ons from men who appear to have learned English by reading Letters to Hustler. No, I don't want to chill wid you, and although I am quite sexy, I don't want you to take me places I've never been. Because there aren't many.

Also, if you are a fine young chap who just wants to make new friends, let me give you an example of messages that will really put off the adventuresome yet somewhat reserved expat girl:

God is so merciful that it showers all his blessings on his childrens and takes away the pains i bow my knees and pray for the humanity to get his blessings on us
and you also.

God Bless U

ur profile pictures make me think of you the most sweetest face , preety and cool like a face of the year....

So matured, so cool ,calm like a pond of peace and solace....

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Venitha said...

This is too funny - good luck finding someone worth hanging with. I've met some terrific people through my blog - fun and intelligent locals who comment on a regular basis - so I'm surprised that you haven't, too.

And finding American expats to while away the time in Singapore is almost too easy.