Sunday, July 30, 2006

The re-emergence of my crappy artistry!

A series: Matrimonials. From left to right, or top to bottom, or however these end up being arrayed, they are 1) Very handsome enterprising, 2) Well-placed match, 3) Wanted, 4) Beautiful intelligent educated, and 5) Proposals invited.


Gargoyle Grins said...

hey there! I am going to keep coming back.

I am an Indian girl studying in the UK - budding wildlife conservationist.

I miss home terribly and your blog made my day - it's funny. It's accurate, it's not accurate. It's how it is in India...

Chalta hai...

I'm coming home sooon too! Wooo hoo.

Never Just An Ordinary Girl said...

Hi there!

Nice to meet you, and thanks for commenting. What you said, "It's accurate, it's not accurate," is exactly how I hope this little project of mine is perceived. Trying to unravel Indian for myself always results in uncovering contradictions that somehow fit perfectly together.

Hope your time in the U.K. is wonderful! Are you hoping to do conservation work in India? What are your favorite places here in that respect -- most untouched, best preserved?

Karthik Gurusamy said...

Hi there..stumbled across your blog.. those are some nice artwork.. I would say original and not the common digital artwork. In any case, seems you are interested in doing art-work and let me suggest you try your hand in digital art work. It's pretty easy and you may enjoy it.

I don't suggest buying any expensive software like photoshop.. try out the free ones like gimp (they have a windows version.. ). You may like doing some cool art work :)