Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy birthday, dearest S!

So today, in honor of S's 27th, we went to Qutab Minar, which neither of us had ever been to (I know, I excuse). Just beautiful; great architecture, intricate carving, peaceful day.

I still hate that, while entry for Indian citizens (or anyone who is brown, really) is Rs 10, entry for firangs is Rs 250. It's just ludicrous; imagine the hubbub that would be raised if the discriminatory pricing were in place in, say, MoMA.

Also, poor S is always confronted by friendly locals who assume he is American by association. Today a vivacious Bengali greeted us, and S desperately tried to explain that he is from Punjab and has never been outside the subconti, but to no avail. Hindi doesn't work, retelling one's life story doesn't milky skin confounds all!


Amit said...

Hi, I discovered this post by chance on a travel search (originally wanted to traverse Kashmir). Hope you read/enjoy my travelogues. Ciao!

Venitha said...

The double pricing scheme didn't bother me much in India (it's all so cheap, regardless), but you're totally right that that would never fly in the US.