Sunday, July 2, 2006

Social networking, continued

Oh man. So last week, annoyed by all the Fropper commercials on TV, my colleagues and I decided to create profiles for the site (which is much like MySpace, only cleaner, etc.).

And now I present, excellent moments in social networking history, via the messages sent to me by various users of the service:

"I find you very appealing; would you like to share a pizza?" -- roopak1

"THEY say women don't ask men out. If u aren't 1 of THEM, reply!" -- ravidk26

"can v b frnds ??? sms or mail ?? your choice will b my pleasure ........................ " -- akarshan2000

"Hi! I liked your profile and I am interested in you." -- atull1975

"I am a 24yr old guy from New Delhi. Im about 6ft tall and good to look at. I am doin my own Business n pretty well settled in it and previously have also worked in the modelling industry. In my freetime I love playin basketball, pool, big time party animal so go clubin a lot with frnds, also like to go for a Long drive once in a blue moon, love driving big bikes, wildlife, adventure sports and travellin a lot. I am a Genuine, cool down to earth person and have a good sense of humor but my biggest strength is that I never give up. My friends say i talk well too. I am lookin for new friends n love some1 whose talkative with a good sense of humor and an ability to understand other person, someonewho believes in enjoying thier life, go out, n keep a conversation goin. I am open to everything and believe in trying everything atleast once in life. I have a feeling that we can make to be good friends." -- dk_ny

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Venitha said...

LOL! This is the CLEANER version of MySpace?!? I need to get out more.