Wednesday, July 5, 2006


  • S is gone for the week, and, as I sit here hungry and wishing someone would cook me an omelette, I realize how much he does for me
  • When I am lonely, I start doing really neurotic things, like plucking my underarm hairs one by one
  • If I had to give today a name, I would call it "corporate asshaticon" for all the ludicrous contradictions forced upon me by MNC
  • One of the least glamorous things to do in the world is to wash your cat's butt after he has rolled in the feces of another, rival, cat
  • I still hold that "You're the man now, dog!", spoken by Sean Connery in Finding Forrester, is one of the most important film moments of all time
  • My co-worker HaHa is one funny broad; today she told us the story of how she and her father bought a seat for their labrador retriever on a first-class Indian Airlines flight and refused to listen to the flight attendants' protestations that this was against all protocol

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