Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Forget not that I ALSO majored in gender studies

Surfing around, and found a great site/blog/historical compendium about India. It's just an honest, lovely little site that represents more than 100 years of work, culled by (presumably) the latest generation of a middle-class Indian family.

My favorite part is the portraits; one section offers glimpses of women from different parts of the country, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and so forth. Another features pictures of people who have never before been captured on film. It isn't glitzy, it isn't high tech, the portraits don't highlight tremendous technical skill. But they are genuine, and they show an India that is unknown by people who haven't lived in the country. And, lest I get all teary eyed liberal on you, they even have a rocking section on unusual vegetables!

Interesting, too, is the way in which the site is produced. According to the FAQ, "Krishna and Jyotsna do not have a computer and instead prepare the contents manually in a extremely laborious method and mail it to Vikas by postal mail. The pictures are then scanned, articles retyped, and uploaded to the website. "

(Photo courtesy www.kamat.com)

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