Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I have let you down, dear readers!

Yesterday I neglected to relay a helpful hint, so today, steel yourself for a double dose.

Tip numero uno, the monsoon special:

At times you might find saline water instead of the usual grains of salt in your salt cellar during the monsoons as salt is extremely hygroscopic. One way to avoid this is to buy table salt although this is more expensive than the ordinary cooking salt, as it is specially treated, refined and is less hygroscopic. Another way is to buy a covered salt cellar, so the salt is not exposed to moisture.

And, for those playing at home, courtesy MW -- "Hygroscopic (adj.): readily taking up and retaining moisture."

Und zwei:

To get dirt off wall-paper, rub with a day-old slice of bread.

I'll have to try that one...

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Cory said...

Day old bread? What if it's that nine grain gluten free blah, blah, blah, healthy bread? ...or does it have to be spongy Wonder Bread? I'm thinking if my walls are that dirty adding bread to it is only going to make it worse. Interesting tip.